basics of dental implants

The Basics of Dental Implants

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basics of dental implantsPalm Beach Gardens and Jupiter, Florida

If you are looking for a tooth replacement option, a dental implant is the way to go. This permanent tooth replacement option is long lasting, looks and feels natural, and is the closest you can get to restoring your natural smile again. If you are considering dental implants in Palm Beach Gardens, here are some basic facts that you need to know.

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant consists of three components. The titanium post, when surgically inserted into the jawbone, serves as a root. This titanium post is so strong that it can last a lifetime. An artificial dental crown that is made of high-quality porcelain is attached to the post via an abutment, which is essentially just a connector for the crown and implant post. When in place, the results are completely natural. You will not be able to distinguish your dental implant from your other natural teeth.

How are dental implants made?

The titanium post is prefabricated and available in various sizes and lengths. Your Palm Beach Gardens implant dentist will determine the appropriate sized dental implant for you, which depends on the placement of the implant. Also, the porcelain crown is made from impressions that we take of your teeth. We send these impressions to our trusted dental lab where your newly fashioned crown is handmade to perfection.

Dental implants – are they for everyone?

Dental implants are the new gold standard for tooth replacement. However, they are not the best fit for every patient. Patients with untreated gum disease or bone deterioration as a result of years of missing teeth may need to have additional treatments to ensure the success of their dental implant. Keep in mind that the best way to determine if you are a candidate for dental implants is to receive a consultation with your dentist in Palm Beach Gardens.

Treatment plans are a necessity

Before placing a dental implant, or undergoing any cosmetic dental procedure for that matter, a consultation is always best. This way, the dentist can gauge your current state of oral health, and consider your health history before determining a definitive treatment plan. The purpose of this individualized treatment plan is to outline exactly which treatments are best for you, which may include additional procedures necessary to achieve your overall desired results. Your consultation is also the perfect time to ask any questions or voice any concerns that you may have regarding your smile or your upcoming dental implant procedure.

Timeframe for receiving a dental implant

If you already have a missing tooth, the implant can be placed in one convenient appointment. Afterward, we need to allow the jawbone time to heal and fuse to the implant before we place the permanent dental crown. This healing process may take several months or longer.

Dental Implants in Palm Beach Gardens

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