sinsational smile

Sinsational Smile

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Palm Beach Gardens and Jupiter, Florida You deserve a beautiful, whiter smile. At PGA Smiles, we offer Sinsational Smile whitening treatment, which provides patients with outstanding results in under 20 minutes. Not only does our whitening method enhance your smile but it helps restore your confidence. The Sinsational Smile whitening process For best results, we recommend you receive a dental …

oral cancer detection

Early Detection Of Oral Cancer May Save Your Life

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Palm Beach Gardens and Jupiter, Florida Oral cancer screenings should be part of your regular dental checkup. The reason is that early detection of oral cancer can help save your life. Oral cancer affects thousands of people every year. Both age and lifestyle increase one’s risk of developing oral cancer. If you use tobacco, drink alcohol in excess, have a …

infected tooth

Can My Teeth Cause Me To Die

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Palm Beach Gardens and Jupiter, Florida The potential effects of an infected tooth can go far beyond your mouth. In fact, an infected tooth can end your life. Any infection in the mouth can travel to other parts of the body, including vital organs like the heart, lung, kidneys, and brain. An infected tooth can also hinder medical procedures such …

breastfeeding helps bite

How Breastfeeding Helps Prevent A Bad Bite Later In Life

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Palm Beach Gardens and Jupiter, Florida Malocclusion, commonly known as an uneven or “bad” bite, affects millions of Americans causing problems such as jaw joint disorders (TMD), headaches/migraines, painful chewing or biting, crooked teeth, sleep breathing disorders, and more. A recent study in Australia demonstrates how breastfeeding affects one’s long-term health, including dental development, the risk of developing oral diseases, …

white fillings

Consumers Push Their Dental Insurance Plans To Cover White Fillings

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Palm Beach Gardens and Jupiter, Florida Mercury, a harmful neurotoxin that causes harm to your nervous system, is a major component in amalgam (silver) fillings. As mercury leeches into your bloodstream and travels throughout your body, it can decrease your reaction time, impair your judgment or speech, and can even affect your ability to see, walk, or think clearly. When …

why wait to fix your teeth

Why Wait To Fix Your Teeth?

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Palm Beach Gardens and Jupiter, Florida When you look in the mirror and smile, what do you see? The reflection staring back at you may not be perfect, and you may wonder, what is the use in fixing my teeth if they do not cause me any pain? Often, people ignore their teeth, assuming if they do not feel pain, …

dental checkup

Is A Dental Checkup Really That Important?

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Palm Beach Gardens and Jupiter, Florida The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends dental cleanings and checkups twice a year, although many people question the legitimacy of this recommendation. The fact is, regular checkups do more for your teeth and your health than you realize. We will even go as far as to say that regular dental checkups can save your …

dental emergency

Mouth Emergencies: When You Need an Emergency Dentist

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Palm Beach Gardens and Jupiter, Florida It’s difficult sometimes to determine whether a problem in your mouth is serious enough to warrant a visit to an emergency dentist; any sudden change in the shape or position of your teeth, no matter how small, is going to feel like an enormous deal when it’s inside your own mouth. Sometimes there are …

veneers palm beach gardens

Veneers: Your Smile, Only Better

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Palm Beach Gardens and Jupiter, Florida From teeth whitening to dental implants, cosmetic dentistryhas grown in popularity over the past few years, as more and more patients discover that their dentist has more to offer them than relief from a toothache. Among the cosmetic dentistry procedures we’re proud to offer and recommend to our patients are veneers. They’re a great …

Improving Your Life with Dental Implants

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Palm Beach Gardens and Jupiter, Florida If you’ve lost one or more of your teeth for any number of reasons — accident or injury, perhaps, or gum disease — you know the loss of even a single tooth can have dramatic repercussions that affect everything about the way your teeth feel and function. The teeth you still have tend to …