why wait to fix your teeth

Why Wait To Fix Your Teeth?

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Palm Beach Gardens and Jupiter, Florida When you look in the mirror and smile, what do you see? The reflection staring back at you may not be perfect, and you may wonder, what is the use in fixing my teeth if they do not cause me any pain? Often, people ignore their teeth, assuming if they do not feel pain, …

dental checkup

Is A Dental Checkup Really That Important?

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Palm Beach Gardens and Jupiter, Florida The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends dental cleanings and checkups twice a year, although many people question the legitimacy of this recommendation. The fact is, regular checkups do more for your teeth and your health than you realize. We will even go as far as to say that regular dental checkups can save your …


New Toothbrushes At The Dentist: Is Every Six Months Enough?

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Palm Beach Gardens and Jupiter, Florida Practically every dentist in the industry gives away a little “goodies bag” at the end of your visit, particularly if you’ve just had a cleaning procedure done. It’s a great way to get new brushes (and often floss and other oral health tools) into the hands of patients, because it’s important to have a …

famous dentist

5 Famous Dentists

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Palm Beach Gardens and Jupiter, Florida Although you may not have realized it, many people who helped form our nation were dentists!  This article highlights some of these interesting and amazing individuals. Edgar Buchanan Also an actor known best for his roles in television shows Green Acres and Beverly Hillbillies.  Before his life of television fame he was a dentist that ran a very …