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Porcelain Veneers

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Porcelain veneers are a more traditional method of cosmetic dentistry. They fit directly over your teeth, just like any veneer, but require minimal tooth preparation before the veneers are permanently bonded to your teeth. PGA Smiles also offers composite veneers, which are made of a mixture of plastic and glass, instead of porcelain. There are different reasons why patients choose porcelain veneers over the other options we offer at PGA Smiles. Through a consultation, Dr. Benson can help you decide which option is best for you.

What to expect with porcelain veneers:

To begin the procedure, Dr. Benson will remove a minimal amount of tooth structure to make room for the veneer. Sometimes, depending on the patient’s sensitivity, anesthetics may be used to numb the tooth beforehand. After the tooth is prepped, impressions are made that will be sent to our trusted dental lab for them to handcraft your veneers. Before you leave, you will have temporary veneers made for you right in our office.

The final product:

Once the permanent veneers are made, you will return to our office for Dr. Benson to bond them to your teeth. Adjustments may be necessary to ensure your veneers fit perfectly and so that your bite remains even. Now you have a gorgeous smile that makes you proud! Your new smile will look, feel, and function as natural as ever.


Lumineers are different from porcelain veneers in that they do not require any prepping of the tooth. Lumineers are ultra-thin, made to be as thin as a contact lens, so they are not noticeable. Once bonded to your tooth, they are so seamless and smooth that you are not even able to tell you have them on your teeth and neither will anyone else!

What to expect with Lumineers:

The process for Lumineers will be completed in only two visits. During your first visit, impressions will be taken of your teeth. Since there is no drilling or preparing of the tooth involved, you will not need temporary veneers. The impressions will be sent to our trusted dental lab in which your veneers are handcrafted.

The final product:

You will return for a second visit, which is when Dr. Benson will permanently bond your Lumineers onto your teeth. He will also be careful to make any necessary adjustments to your bite. An even bite is necessary to ensure your Lumineers will not chip when you bite or chew. With Lumineers, you can have your smile back.

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