early detection of oral cancer

Early Detection of Oral Cancer

early detection of oral cancerPalm Beach Gardens and Jupiter, Florida

Oral cancer screenings should be part of your regular dental checkup. The reason is that early detection of oral cancer can help save your life. Oral cancer affects thousands of people every year. Both age and lifestyle increase one’s risk of developing oral cancer.

If you use tobacco, drink alcohol in excess, have a family history of cancer, have HPV (human papillomavirus), receive excessive amounts of sun exposure, or are over the age of 50, you have a greater risk of developing oral cancer, although anyone of any age could develop the disease. Routine checkups allow the dentist an opportunity to evaluate your mouth for suspicious areas that could be cancerous.

Although oral cancer is highly treatable if caught in the early stage, the problem is that the early stages of oral cancer do not present noticeable symptoms in most patients. In other words, you are not likely going to notice any discomfort or pain until it is too late, which is why oral cancer screenings are vital to your health. During your oral cancer screening, the dentist will use gentle palpations to feel for any unusual lumps in your soft tissue of your mouth and look for any suspicious areas such as lacerations that do not heal, rough patchy areas, or areas that easily bleed.

If oral cancer is detected, a treatment plan will be developed immediately, in efforts to increasing your survival rate. Since early detection is key, never skip your routine dental checkups. Otherwise, you could be risking your life. To schedule your next dental checkup, which includes a thorough oral cancer screening, contact us at PGA Smiles today. We welcome patients of Palm Beach Gardens and Jupiter, Florida.