gum recontouring

Gum Recontouring

gum recontouringPalm Beach Gardens and Jupiter, Florida

What is laser gum recontouring?

Laser gum recontouring is a procedure used in cosmetic dentistry that helps reshape your gum line. Some patients may experience gums that are too high or too low, altering the appearance of their teeth. When this is the case, our special laser can correct the problem, providing you with a beautiful smile and even gum line.

What is a gummy smile?

A gummy smile is when excess gum tissue covers your teeth, which may have been caused by abnormal tooth eruption or jaw development, or by teeth that are misaligned. A gummy smile does not pose a health concern, but it can certainly affect your confidence in your smile.

How does laser gum recontouring work?

The procedure begins with numbing the area that will be treated. Then, Dr. Benson uses a special laser that removes and vaporizes tissue at the same time. The laser also helps seal the gums as they are treated, which results in an easier and quicker healing time. Your gums can dramatically improve after only one treatment.

What should I expect for my recovery?

Following your laser gum recontouring procedure, you may experience minor swelling and tenderness although this is completely normal. This discomfort is minimal and should not interfere with your regular daily routine. During the recovery, you may need to stick to soft foods as to not aggravate your discomfort.

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