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High Blood Pressure and Oral Health–Here’s What you Need to Know

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The Centers for Disease Control reports that nearly 75 million or 1 in every 3 adults have high blood pressure, also referred to as HBP or hypertension. What many of these sufferers do not know is how their HBP affects their oral health or how they should receive dental care. Here’s what you need to know about HBP and your oral health.

According to the American Diagnostic Corporation, patients with HBP have an increased risk of experiencing a stroke or a myocardial infarction while undergoing dental care. Plus, HBP can also make the use of oral anesthetics dangerous. Many oral anesthetics used by the dentist contain a vasoconstrictor known as epinephrine. As a side effect, this drug can cause an increase in blood pressure or heart arrhythmia. The good news is that dentists also have available at their disposal, an anesthetic that does not contain a vasoconstrictor.

Can I still receive dental care if I have HBP?

Yes! You certainly can undergo routine dental care even if you have high blood pressure. Just be sure the dentist is aware of your complete medical history.

Be sure to let the dentist know if you have high blood pressure before you undergo treatment. If you are uncertain whether you have HBP, you can easily have it checked by the doctor during a routine visit or even at the dentist office before your appointment.

Many patients with HBP can still undergo dental treatments and even do so under sedation without any side effects. However, every case is different, which is why the dentist should be made aware of any medical conditions that you have, and any medications that you take.

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