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Is Your Morning Cup of Joe Ruining Your Teeth?

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Many Americans enjoy a cup or two of coffee every day. You may even need another cup to get you through that afternoon lull. Either way, did you know that consuming this energizing beverage can be harsh on your teeth?

Why is coffee bad for my teeth?

Coffee naturally contains tannic acid, which is what gives coffee its dark color. The downside is that tannic acid etches into the grooves and pits of your teeth, causing your teeth to stain and become dingy. Additionally, the hot temperature of coffee causes your teeth to expand and contract, which allows stains to penetrate your teeth even deeper. Since coffee is a diuretic, it can lead to a decreased production of saliva, which causes dry mouth that leads to bad breath and tooth decay.

I cannot give up coffee, what should I do?

You certainly do not have to give up your coffee to have beautiful teeth. You can still enjoy coffee but be sure to follow these tips for keeping your smile healthy and beautiful.

  • Drink water – After each cup of coffee, be sure to drink some water or rinse your mouth out to remove the tannic acid that resides on your teeth. Plus, drinking water after your coffee will help to replenish your body with fluids.
  • Chew gum – To help increase saliva production, chew gum after drinking coffee. Plus, it will help freshen your breath too! Just be sure the gum contains xylitol, a cavity reducing sugar alcohol added to gum to sweeten it.
  • Brush your teeth – If you can, brush your teeth after you drink coffee to help remove tannic acid that causes staining.

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