oral care tips for teething

Oral Care Tips for Teething Babies

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oral care tips for teethingPalm Beach Gardens and Jupiter, Florida

A teething baby can be challenging for a parent or caregiver, especially when the baby experiences a great deal of pain during the process. It is not uncommon for teething to cause symptoms of irritability, insomnia, fussiness, decreased appetite, and even a low-grade fever. Here are some oral care tips to find relief for your teething baby, as well as ways to implement good oral care.

Massaging the gums can help soothe your child and relieve pain by applying this counter pressure. Wash your hands thoroughly first, and place the tip of one finger inside your baby’s mouth and gently rub the gums in a massaging motion.

Teething toys can also provide relief for your teething baby. These toys are specially designed to fit inside your baby’s mouth, without presenting a choking hazard. Teething rings or toys work in the same manner as your finger but may be a little easier for both you and baby. Just be sure to clean your baby’s teething toys thoroughly after each use. A chilled washcloth will also provide your baby with the same relief.

Pain relief medication may be used as a last resort. If your baby seems inconsolable or is not resting well, consider age appropriate pain reliever medication such as acetaminophen. Be sure to contact your child’s pediatrician for correct dosages.

Oral care is important for your teething baby. Be sure to use a moist cloth to wipe your baby’s gums clean after each feeding. Also, once the first tooth erupts, gently brush your baby’s tooth (or teeth) using an age approved toothbrush and toothpaste twice daily. Remember also to schedule your child’s first dental checkup once his or her teeth begin to erupt.

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