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Replacing missing teeth is not only important for your mouth but your overall health as well. Having a natural bite with no gaps or missing teeth means you can eat well and feed your body the necessary nutrients that it needs to be healthy. If you ignore the fact that you have missing teeth, you could be causing damage to your remaining teeth, jaw joints and the rest of your body, which leads to more severe issues down the road.

How can I replace missing teeth?

Partial dentures, known as partials, can be an excellent way of replacing missing teeth. A partial is made of an acrylic material, with or without metal components. Sometimes, metal components are used to help reinforce the stability of a partial. The partial is made with artificial teeth that take the place of your missing teeth.

How does a partial work?

Your partial will attach to your existing teeth while also filling in spaces where you have teeth missing. A partial is removable for easy cleaning, yet while in place, the partial is secure and comfortable. It also provides you with chewing stability and an even bite. A major benefit to a partial denture, as opposed to other tooth replacement procedures, is that you can add artificial teeth to the partial should you have other teeth removed later on. This could be a cost saving benefit for some patients.

The ERA Attachment Partial

At PGA Smiles, we also offer a specially designed partial called the ERA System, which adds more stability for the partial to attach. The ERA System functions like a dental implant that has an abutment for the partial to clip. This way, you have a secure fit that is also easy to remove when necessary. The ERA System is especially ideal for patients who do not have stable teeth for the partial to attach.

A partial can be made to fit either your top or bottom jaw. The procedure consists of two visits. During your first visit, impressions are made that will be later sent to our trusted dental lab where they will custom-make your partial. When you return for your next visit, Dr. Benson will ensure your partial fits comfortably and meets your expectations for your new smile.

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