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Do I Really Need Wisdom Teeth Removed

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Wisdom teeth begin just like any other set of teeth in your mouth. As these “third molars” emerge at the back of your mouth, however, they can cause an assortment of issues that can affect your oral health.

Wisdom teeth take longer to erupt; typically they do so when a person is between the ages of 17 and 25 years old. By the time wisdom teeth appear, the rest of the permanent teeth already are well established. While wisdom teeth might emerge in perfect alignment with the rest of your teeth, this is rare in most cases.

Wisdom teeth can grow in the wrong direction, causing malocclusion—otherwise known as misaligned bite. Wisdom teeth sometimes do not erupt at all, becoming impacted under the gums, which puts too much force on the teeth that immediately surround them, and leads to significant problems with your jaw.

You may have read articles that fault wisdom teeth for crowding the rest of the teeth. In reality, this crowding does not happen often. Instead, the bigger concern is that not enough space exists for the wisdom teeth to emerge properly. If a wisdom tooth lacks the room to erupt completely, this partial eruption can leave pockets of gum tissue that are difficult to clean, and thus more prone to the accumulation of bacteria, leading to tooth decay or infection.

Emerging wisdom teeth can make personal oral hygiene a greater challenge in general. Their pressure on surrounding teeth makes it harder to clean both the wisdom teeth and the teeth next to them. Left untreated, this eventually could force both the wisdom teeth and the immediately adjacent teeth to be removed due to extensive decay.

In most instances, the extraction of wisdom teeth is the recommended course of action. PGA Smiles is adept at removing wisdom teeth and can make the procedure as comfortable and convenient as possible. If you or a member of your family is dealing with emerging wisdom teeth, call our office at (561) 627-7090 to schedule an appointment.

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