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Sealants are a tooth-colored, plastic material that is applied directly to the chewing surface of a tooth, specifically the back teeth. Your back teeth, referred to as molars, typically have deep crevasses in them that are most prone to developing cavities. The purpose of sealants is to protect this area of your tooth from decay. Once applied, the sealants act as a barrier against plaque buildup that causes decay.

When are sealants used?

Sealants are most often applied to children’s teeth before they have a chance to develop cavities, but sealants are also effective for adults. Sealants have even proven to be effective in teeth with a minimal amount of decay that doesn’t require an actual filling. However, sealants are most effective when applied to teeth that show no signs of decay.

How do sealants work?

Sealants are bonded directly to the tooth’s surface, and the material becomes hard after it sets. So long as the material remains bonded to the tooth, decay should not be a concern. Sealants should last you quite some time, but during your routine dental checkups and cleanings, Dr. Benson will check your sealants to ensure they are in desirable condition.

Why choose sealants?

Even with regular brushing, you simply cannot always reach the deep crevasses found in your teeth. This is why sealants are recommended to prevent decay. Sealants are minimally invasive, painless, and simple. Plus, your dental hygienist can even apply sealants during your cleaning visit. Once the sealants are applied, you are ready to eat and drink as normal.

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