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If you or your child engage in sports or extreme outdoor activities, a sports guard is an excellent way of protecting your teeth from injury or tooth loss. The National Youth Sports Foundation for Safety estimates that athletes are nearly 60 times more likely to suffer damage to their teeth or mouth if not wearing a protective device, such as a sports guard.

If a facial or head injury occurs, you risk breaking a tooth or having a tooth knocked out. Even certain outdoor activities could pose a danger to your teeth, should you have an accident or suffer from an impact-related injury. This is where a sports guard offers protection.

What is a sports guard?

A sports guard is a custom-made, clear appliance that fits directly over your teeth. It is not only comfortable but convenient to wear. The sports guard essentially bears the brunt of trauma, should you be hit in the face or fall while engaging in a sports related activity.

Why wear a sports guard?

The cost to repair or replace a tooth can be more costly than preventing the injury in the first place. Since approximately one-third of dental injuries is related to sports, it only makes sense to protect your teeth with a sports guard.

Benefits of a sports guard include:

  • Prevents lacerations of the cheeks or tongue
  • Helps redistribute force of impact
  • Prevents seismic contact between teeth
  • Provides support for the jaw joint
  • Acts as a shock absorber, which could also help prevent neurological injuries
  • Prevents damage to existing dental work
  • Helps prevent teeth from being broken or chipped
  • Prevents an avulsed tooth (a tooth being knocked out)

See for yourself how important sports guards can be!

Dirk Nowitzki collides with Carl Landry, knocks out 3 teeth

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