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You deserve a beautiful, whiter smile. At PGA Smiles, we offer Sinsational Smile whitening treatment, which provides patients with outstanding results in under 20 minutes. Not only does our whitening method enhance your smile but it helps restore your confidence.

The Sinsational Smile whitening process

For best results, we recommend you receive a dental cleaning before receiving your Sinsational Smile whitening treatment. The whitening process begins by using pre-filled silicon trays that fit directly over your teeth. Patients appreciate the comfort of these patented silicon trays that will help maintain a relaxed position for your jaw throughout the 20-minute whitening procedure. We then use an LED accelerating light that activates the ingredients in the whitening gel, resulting in faster results and a whiter smile. You will also be provided with a whitening gel pen for your at-home maintenance, which allows you to extend your results.

How many treatments will I need?

The amount of treatments necessary will depend on the results you wish to achieve. Some patients benefit from on-going Sinsational Smile whitening treatments to maintain a beautiful smile. Most patients will achieve their desired results from only one treatment although follow-up treatments may be necessary to maintain a dazzling smile.

How long do results from Sinsational Smile whitening treatments last?

Since certain foods and beverages are prone to staining teeth, the length of results will vary for each patient. It is for this reason that we provide you with the at-home whitening pen, which allows you to touch-up and whiten your teeth in only minutes. If you avoid or limit your intake of tobacco and foods and beverages that cause staining, your results will last even longer.

To schedule your appointment for a Sinsational Smile whitening treatment, contact PGA Smiles today. We welcome patients of Palm Beach Gardens and Jupiter, Florida.