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Teeth Whitening At The Dentist: Safe And Fast

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There is probably no cosmetic dentistry procedure more popular that teeth whitening; if your smile just needs a little brightening — and doesn’t require more complex procedures like dental implants or even veneers — a quick visit to the dentist for teeth whitening is just the ticket. The risks are few, and the results are often profound and life-changing — even in a single treatment, drab discolored teeth can show marked improvement, and the path to “white and bright” has never been simpler.

Why would you visit the dentist, rather than use one of the many at-home teeth whitening products available at nearly every pharmacy and even grocery store? There are several reasons, the first among them being safety. The care of your teeth is the number-one priority for cosmetic dentistry professionals, and during a visit for a teeth whitening procedure they can not only perform the whitening, but also assess your overall dental health. This is not just to give you a better sense of how your teeth are doing; the health of your teeth and the status of your enamel are important issues that inform what strength of whitening solution is appropriate, as well as how long each solution should stay on your teeth for optimum whitening without damage.

On a related note, it’s worth mentioning that the teeth whitening solutions your dentist uses are typically much more concentrated and much stronger than those available for home use; this means your teeth will be exposed to the solutions for less time, bringing the whitening you’re looking for much more quickly. And if you decide you need additional whitening, your dentist can more accurately assess when your teeth will be ready for the next round of teeth whitening.


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