PGA Smiles® Testimonials

[quote]Not being happy with my smile, I went to Dr.Benson and asked about veneers. My experience with Dr. Benson, his wife, and the staff was exceptional! Dr. Benson really listen’s to you. He helps you understand the entire procedure from start to completion. Everyday, people say to me, “what did you do to yourself, something looks different” that difference is the work of Dr. Benson. My veneer’s look great![/quote]

Smilingly yours,
-Dorothy Hudon


[quote]Thank you again so much for everything!   You are the best.  I was telling my mom, I have never actually enjoyed going to the dentist until coming to your office!  You are wonderful:)[/quote]


[hr] [quote]Thank you for your care and attention of my children.  We enjoyed the visit to your office.  Now that’s  a rarity. [/quote]

-Donna Lovell

 [hr] [quote]I wanted to tell you and Adelyn how much I enjoyed my first dental office visit (as a patient) and teeth cleaning experience yesterday. Our son, Andrew, has been there a couple of times and told us how comfortable he felt and how well he was treated by your staff. Addie’s  technique during the cleaning and removal of tartar on my teeth was the best experience I think that I have ever had at the hands of a dental hygienist. You and your staff are top notch and deserve all the praise that any of your patients send your way.[/quote]



[quote]I meant to send you an email after the last time I was there and never did. I just wanted to let you know that I first had Addie when I started to come to you and she was the best hygienist I had ever been to. Then I had to go with someone else because she was on leave with her new baby. I was very bummed until I showed up and the girl I got (sorry I forget her name ) was great too. Then I got scheduled with yet another person ( Kaitlin ) because the 2nd one was also having a baby. Again I  was bummed until I found out that she is also terrific. My point… You have a really great group of people. Just when I think I have the best hygienist and nobody else could possibly measure up, the next one is equally as great. Kaitlin isn’t pregnant is she? Thanks a lot for the pictures and Ali says, “Thank you for fixing my teeth.” I hope you and your family have an awesome Christmas![/quote]


[hr] [quote]I wanted to tell you how much whiter my front teeth are starting to look since I have been using the teeth whitening procedure you prescribed for me. Not only are my teeth starting to look lighter and brighter, but my husband, Mert (your old high school science teacher) says that he is so grateful since now he gets at least a half-hour of peace and quiet every evening now while I have the teeth tray in my mouth.[/quote]

Thanks for keeping our relationship so rewarding.

[hr] [quote]I cannot even begin to tell you how awesome the experience was of coming to your office…it was by far the best experience I have ever had at any type of medical office! Thanks for making me feel special…you rock!!![/quote]