treatment with mi paste

Treatment with MI Paste

treatment with mi pastePalm Beach Gardens and Jupiter, Florida

MI Paste is a mixture of calcium and phosphate that helps to calcify tooth enamel. Its unique phosphopeptide component is derived from milk, and when the paste-like material is applied, it binds directly to your tooth’s enamel. MI Paste acts like a barrier for teeth that suffer from acid erosion, dental caries (decay), and conditions caused by dry mouth.

MI Paste is only available for professional use and has proven to remedy these oral issues:

  • Treatment of dry mouth from certain medications or medical conditions
  • Reduces acid levels in the mouth
  • Helps to reduce tooth sensitivity after a dental cleaning
  • Prevent or reverse white spots on teeth (caused by lack of calcium)

How does MI Paste treatment work?

MI Paste works by balancing the pH levels in your mouth. When pH levels are imbalanced, acid erosion, decay, and tooth sensitivity may occur. All day consumption of foods and beverages that contain sugar contribute to these issues. This special paste acts as a barrier and protects teeth by helping prevent plaque and tartar buildup on your teeth.

How do I use MI Paste?

MI Paste is easy to use. To begin, Dr. Benson will custom-make clear trays that fit directly over your teeth. You will take these trays home with you, along with the MI Paste. After brushing, you apply the MI Paste to the trays and wear them for several minutes. It could take a couple of months, with consistent treatments, to render results from using MI Paste. Duration of treatment will vary for each patient, depending on the severity of their need.

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